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Masterbuilt 30″ Electric Smokerhouse Smoker w/ Window and Controller (Save $109)

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Masterbuilt propels the art of smoking to the next level with its 30-inch electric smokehouse smoker. Masterbuilt pulled out all the stops with this smoker, starting with a portable design. The smoker goes where the crowd is, with built-in wheels and a rear handle for easy mobility. The smoker takes it a step further with a large viewing window and an internal light, so you can see the food smoking inside. Add in a remote control, four smoking racks, and a side chip loader and you have a true next-generation smoker.

Pushbutton Start at Your Fingertips

Enjoying drinks with friends on the patio and don’t want to be disturbed? Use the remote control to turn the smoker on and off or set the temperature from up to 100 feet away. With the remote–which comes with its own belt clip–you can make fine adjustments without leaving your seat. As an alternative, you can control the smoker with the traditional pushbutton digital control panel, which offers a 24-hour timer with an automatic shutoff to keep your food from drying out.

The smoker cooks at a perfect temperature every time thanks to the thermostatically controlled heat, which ranges from 100 to 275 degrees F. The smoker body is also fully insulated, with a rubber sealed door that’s top of the line in energy efficiency, helping reducing smoke and heat loss.

Let There Be Light

One drawback of many smokers is that you can’t see the food while it smokes. The Masterbuilt overcomes this dilemma by redesigning its smoker to include a large viewing window. Not only can you now watch your food cook, but you’ll no longer lose heat every time you open and shut the door. Masterbuilt also included an internal light to help you see inside during the smoking process. This is particularly helpful when using your smoker at night. (The internal light can also be controlled by the remote.) If you’re still not sure your food is done, not to worry, as the smoker includes a built-in meat probe.

Slow Smoking as Easy as Grilling

The smoker is spacious inside, with four interior smoking racks that offer more than 2 cubic feet of smoking capacity. As a result, you’ll have ample room for your ham, fish, sausage, chicken, or jerky–enough to feed extra-large crowds on special occasions, holidays, and family reunions. Also, you needn’t bother opening the door to add more wood chips, as the smoker offers an easy-to-use side wood chip loader. Simply fill the loader with your favorite wood chips, slide it into the side of the smoker, and watch it smoke.

Spice Up Your Barbeque

The smoker lets you add juice, vinegar, or your favorite beverage to the removable water pan to infuse moisture and add another layer of flavor to your food. For a milder flavor, you can use the adjustable air damper to decrease the smoke level. Robust flavor lovers can instead leave the air damper closed to intensify the smoke levels inside. And the bottom of the smoker is lined with a removable drip tray to catch the drippings, which add just the right touch to any gravy or sauce. Plus, the drip tray makes cleanup easier than ever.


  • Masterbuilt electric smoker with viewing window, 4 racks, and internal light
  • Digital remote control with temperature and time monitoring capability
  • Convenient side wood-chip loader with removable drip pan and rear-mounted grease pan
  • Chrome-coated smoking racks; built-in meat probe
  • Measures 29 by 15-3/4 by 17 inches


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