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Paradigm SHIFT Series E1 In-Ear Headphones! (Save 57%)

World Wide Stereo has these Paradigm SHIFT Series E1 In-Ear Headphones on sale for $27.25.  Use the coupon code “Autumn” to bring the price down to $21.00 + Free Shipping! That’s $29 (57%) below list price!

Coupon Code: Autumn

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Paradigm’s first speakers came out in 1982 and fans still scour the Web to buy used versions of those originals. That should tell you something about the quality of their speakers. Paradigm SHIFT™ series is our newest venture, its focus is audio on the go. Today, most people listen to audio through portable devices. But what about the quality of that audio? Despite what hundreds of earbud and headphone brands would have you believe, audio should sound every bit as good as it looks!

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