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Deluxe 3-in-1 Smarter Shave Set with Case and Mirror (Save 84%)

Catchy Price has a Deluxe 3-in-1 Smarter Shave Set with Case and Mirror on sale for $12.99. If you use Coupon Code “1SALED3N1SST” you can get FREE SHIPPING!

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You might be trying to bring back the mountain man look, but not everyone is buying it. Especially not your girlfriend. It’s time to clean yourself up a bit, but first you’re going to need the right tools. The Deluxe 3-in-1 Smarter Shave Set with Black Carrying Case and Mirror is perfect for all guys–from clean shaven to those who rock a well sculpted beard. This shaver features a stainless steel blade with full width pop-up trimmer and personal groomer with interchangeable heads. With just 1 set, you can shave, trim your beard and sideburns, and keep ear and nose hair at bay.

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