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Set of 2 Shock-Absorbing and Cooling Plantar Fasciitis Therapy Wraps (Save 81%)

Catchy Price has a Set of 2 Shock-Absorbing and Cooling Plantar Fasciitis Therapy Wraps on sale for $12.99 plus Shipping. You can save 81% off the regular list price.

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Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 11.32.10 AMHighlights:

  • Set of 2: Shock-Absorbing & Cooling Plantar Fasciitis Therapy Wraps
  • Each order comes with two wraps (one for each foot)
  • Comfortable, soothing gel cushions for feet
  • Absorbs shock and helps relieve pain due to work, sports, or injury
  • Helps heal and prevent plantar fasciitis; a sharp, burning, achy sensation in the arches and soles caused by strain and overuse
  • Cushioned or­tho­tic device fits like a glove over your foot to provide arch support, compression, and shock absorption
  • Form-fitting design
  • Neoprene material
  • Can be worn with shoes
  • Three sizes: Small, Medium, Large

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