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World’s Smallest Spy Digital Video Camera with 8 GB Micro SD Card (Save 87%)

MidnightBox has the World’s Smallest Spy Digital Video Camera with 8 GB Micro SD Card on sale for $20.95. However, if you use the Coupon Code “1SALE_SAVE5” you can take $5.00 off. That brings the total down to $15.95 + Shipping. You can save $114.04 (87%) off the regular list price.

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Keep an eye on it all with this portable world’s smallest Spy Video Camera. This innovative deal is about as small as a pack of matches, and keeps watch on everything and anything. Put it in your pocket for sleek and sneaky convenience, or keep it at home to ensure safety and security while you’re away. You can even set it up in a room on audio-activated standby mode, where it will happily sit for nearly two weeks on a single battery charge, waiting for a noise to start recording. It uses microSD, which means you can store up to 16GB of footage on it, and it plugs into your computer via USB (which also charges it) to let you transfer files. With a 2000000 color CMOS sensor, the AEE MD80 video camera captures videos with impeccable clarity and acute details.

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