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2-Pack: Men’s Leather Belt Adjustable Without Holes

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These adjustable belts are trim to fit, and made to fit any man perfectly while stay stylish. The men’s dress belt comes in a convenient set of two, one black and one brown. They will match your dress and professional clothing perfectly. The belt without holes is made to fit. The ratchet belt works by comes in one size. All are 62 inches in length and can be cut down to the size that best fits you. The special buckle on the dress belts grip on the inside of the strap with a special track. The adjustable leather belt avoids having to crack and stretch your strap with holes and the inconvenience of that design.

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  • Fits All: Men’s Ratchet Belt is made to be Custom Fit, Cut Belt Strap down to your size and buckle will lock itself to an inside track of the strap
  • 2 Belts Included: One Black Leather Belt and a Brown Leather Belt to match all your shoes and clothes
  • Stylish Design: Works great in all professional and casual settings with a chrome Metal Buckle
  • Measures: Adjustable Belt Strap starts at 62 inches, Belt Strap is 1.25 inches in width

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