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*BREAK BARRIERS IN YOUR WEIGHT MANAGEMENT. If you’ve been doing everything right and aren’t seeing results, the answer may lie in your gut! When your gut health is out of balance, it can sabotage even the best weight management efforts. LoveBug Probiotics Here’s the Skinny was designed to replenish the beneficial bacteria your gut needs, so you can look and feel good from the inside out! *WORK WITH YOUR BODY, NOT AGAINST IT. At LoveBug Probiotics, we believe it’s important to give your body what it needs to perform the way it was intended to, naturally. Ditch the stimulants and unwanted ingredients that leave your gut in a rut and trade them for safe and natural solutions. Here’s the Skinny is the perfect complement to an active lifestyle and eating a nutrient-dense diet, and when combined may help your body manage weight safely and properly. *IT STARTS IN YOUR GUT. Did you know that scientists can predict body weight more effectively from a person’s bacterial makeup (90 percent accuracy) than from their genes (58 percent accuracy)? That’s why restoring balance to your microbiome is one of the best things you can do to support a healthy weight. Here’s the Skinny has 8 targeted bacterial strains + a prebiotic designed to support your digestion and metabolism-leaving you feeling good from the inside out. *CHOOSE PREMIUM PROBIOTIC SUPPORT. Most probiotics don’t survive the acidic journey to the gut and don’t deliver as promised. At LoveBug Probiotics, we use a superior patented delivery technology so the friendly bacteria are released over an 8-10 hour period and bypass your stomach acids to reach deep into your digestive tract alive (which is where they do their good work) so you can finally experience the benefits that probiotics have to offer.

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