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PRICE DROP: 6 Pack: Honeywell B116027HB320 LED Chandelier Dimmable Light Bulbs – 60W Soft White Light – Great For Lower Energy Bills!

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Give Your Home Lighting A Touch Of Class With Honeywell’s Chandelier Style LED Bulbs

Stylish Candle Flame Design

  • Add an elegant look to your indoor lighting
  • Give candelabras and chandeliers that finishing touch
  • Suitable for fittings in hallways, lounges, dining rooms and kitchens

Reduce Your Energy Bills and Carbon Footprint

  • ‘Energy Star’ rated to help safeguard the environment
  • Save on every energy bill compared to normal light bulbs
  • Energy consumption is only 15% of comparable incandescent bulbs

Set Light Levels To Suit Every Occasion

  • Dimmable LED bulbs can be adjusted between 100% and 10% brightness
  • Create the perfect atmosphere in every room
  • 500 lumens of consistent white light available on maximum dimmer setting

Manufactured With Safety and Durability In Mind

  • Won’t break easily unlike fragile incandescent bulbs
  • Made with safe materials and do not contain mercury
  • Safe to touch when lit as they do not get hot

Extra Long Lifespan Of 15,000 Hours

  • Will outlive normal bulbs by several years
  • Reduces replacement costs and inconvenience of changing
  • Total peace of mind with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty

We Are Committed To 100% Customer Satisfaction With Our No Questions Asked, MoneyBack Guarantee.

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  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE CHANDELIER LIGHTING – Your LED bulbs contain no dangerous materials such as mercury and they don’t get hot so there’s no chance of any burnt fingers should someone touch them when they are lit. Add the fact that they switch on immediately you’ll soon see they’re the perfect solution for your chandeliers or hallway lighting.
  • LONG 13 YEAR LIFESPAN – Forget having to replace these bulbs every few months which is the case with many incandescent bulbs. These Honeywell LED bulbs have a lifespan of over 15,000 hours which removes the hassle of changing them frequently and also saves you money on buying replacement bulbs.
  • LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION – With an ‘Energy Star’ rating of only 6 watts consumption you’ll make huge savings on your energy bills using these LED bulbs instead of standard ones. Over a lifetime of normal use, the saving you make could be around $90 for each bulb you are using.
  • DIMMABLE FOR SETTING THE PERFECT EFFECT – Not all occasions will require your LED light bulbs to be at their brightest 60 watt equivalent brightness. When you need to tone the light down to create a more relaxed ambiance you can use a dimmer switch to reduce down to as low as 10% of the maximum setting.
  • DECORATIVE CANDLE FLAME APPEARANCE – Whether you use these LED bulbs in ceiling mounted chandeliers or candelabra lamps they bring a little touch of class to your home. They are designed in a candle flame shape to add style and charm to your lighting.

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