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Capture HD and 4K hemispherical 360° video with the Liiv360 Action Camera. To use it, simply position the camera on a flat surface and hit Record Start, and high-quality H.264 video will be recorded. You can also press the shutter button to take a 16MP still photo. At 720p HD resolution, the 120 fps setting is unlocked, enabling you to record fast-moving subjects for slow-motion edits in post-production. The user interface is relatively simple, displaying essential information and basic menu navigation. Since the Liiv360 Action Camera is waterproof to 100′, you can take it with you to capture underwater adventures or record footage in less-than-ideal weather conditions.

360° Horizontal Field-of-View

The ultra-wide lens can see a full 360° around and above the camera for hemispherical videos that capture expansive scenes and the action all around you.

Shooting Modes

Choose the appropriate shooting mode for your application:

  • Drama shot
  • Timing shot
  • Slow motion
  • Time lapse
  • Loop recording
  • Driving

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