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Aloe Exfoliating Feet Mask Socks!

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 Aliver Aloe exfoliating foot mask sock type renew remove peel off dead skin & callus are designed specifically to remove hardened skin and dead cells from your feet. It’s effective, effortless, and very simple to use. Aloe Exfoliated feet mask 2 pair foot peel mask, exfoliating, calluses, and dead skin remover that baby your feet naturally with Aloe Vera scent!

  • Unisex Single Size Socks, one size fits all!
  • You will have completely new and childlike feet!
  • Combination Of Aloe, Cucumber, Honey, Lavender and Deep Sea Algae, the Skin is Left Moisturized, Relieved and Repaired.
  • Peel Away Calluses and Dead Skin Cells Skin Cracks and remove bad odour.
  • Extremely comfortable – just put on the mask as you would your socks
  • Contains Vital Ingredients and Vitamins That Effectively Penetrate Into Stubborn Callus.
  • Exfoliating foot mask drenches your feet in all-natural fruit extracts
  •  to effectively removes dead skin. 
  • Moisturize and nourish your skin foot Skin, the dead skin start peeling 3-7 days after use. 
  • Its Comes in Comfortable mask socks type ready to wear. 
  • It is made from All-natural all working together to leave you with baby smooth feet.

How to use your Foot Mask 

Step 1. Clean and dry the feet.

Step 2.Take out the foot mask and cut it along the dotted line as indicated.

Step 3. Put your foot into the mask and seal the opening by the provided sticker. Massage your foot for 2-3 mins to help the liquid to spread all over your feet.

Step 4. Wear the mask for 60 minutes to allow the essence in the liquid to be absorbed into the skin.

Step 5. Remove the mask and gently rinse your feet.

Step 6. Dead skin will start peeling between 4-7 days after initial application.

Step 7. Allow dead skin to peel off naturally. Do not forcibly remove the dead skin it may cause damage to the skin.

Step 8. For hard and thick skin and callus, please do a second application within 1 week after the first application.

Step 9. Finally your feet will become soft and smooth, just like baby feet.

Please note that if you have thick skin it will be recommended more than 1 application.  

Contained in the Pack 

1 pack = 2 Exfoliating Socks 

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