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Aluminum Rechargeable LED Flashlight With Built-In Stun Gun!

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This flashlight is constructed from aircraft aluminum and has a hidden feature that hopefully you’ll never have to use, but should the need arise, you wouldn’t want to be without!
The super bright LED flashlight is activated by pressing the sliding switch forward to the middle position, sliding the switch forward one more position turns the stun gun’s safety OFF and allows you to activate the high output stun gun by pressing the round button on the opposite side. Charging this device is simple with the included plug that attaches to the rear of the flashlight.


Product Details

      • 4.5 Million volt Stun Gun and 160 Lumen Flashlight
      • Constructed from aircraft aluminum
      • Super bright LED flashlight
      • NOT A TOY- This powerful stun gun for self protection and peace-of-mind
      • Built in rechargeable battery recharges with the included charger (plugs directly in to rear of flashlight)


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