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Bearhard Emergency Mylar Space Blankets 4-Pack for Camping Hiking or Outdoor Rescue Large Foil Survival Thermal Blankets

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😎 Hello, my dearest customer. Nice to meet you. I’m Bearhard, 🐻 a one year old baby, born in 2018. I’m a newly born brand, but the team that gave birth to me has been supplying outdoor products to major distributors all over the world for almost a decade. They have professional knowledge, rich experience and strong passion for this profession and hope to provide quality and reliable outdoor equipment to discover the fun of outdoor with you. Please take me home and I’m looking forward to be your partner facing the unpredictable nature and life with you.

🌞 Recently, my team are working on the emergency blankets. In my opinion, it is very useful and hope you will like it. Living in the forest all year round, I have encountered many kinds of sudden emergencies, so it is necessary for us to prepare some emergency supplies in advance, such as emergency blanket, which can retain up to 90% of body heat and prevent hypothermia and shock in extreme weather conditions.

👍 As you can see, it’s portable but large enough to cover your body; It’s light and thin but not easy to rip; It is nonsignificant at normal time but useful in an emergency. Most of us put some emergency blankets in survival kit with the hope that we’ll never actually need it, but as the saying goes, “It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.”

💌 If you want to use them in other ways rather than emergency supplies, maybe I can give you some suggestions. My customers told me they have tried to use these as rain poncho, shade cover, sleeping bag liner and wind blocker and they do well in these ways. If you have other interesting ways to use it or need any help please email me.I’ll reply within 24 hrs.

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