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Citybug 2 Electric Scooter with Lights—Made Exclusively for Brookstone!

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A cleaner, greener way to get around!

  • Intuitive Push & Pull system—simply push the handle bar to go faster and pull it to slow down
  • Step2Stop mechanism immediately cuts power and stops the scooter when you step on the rear-wheel brake
  • Exclusive… Headlight helps you better see where you’re going at dawn/dusk
  • Exclusive… Tail light on the rear brake increases visibility to cars and other pedestrians
  • Stands on its own when not in use—no kickstand or fence to lean on necessary!
  • 36V/250W motor travels up to 11mph* with no CO2 emissions or noise pollution
  • Rechargeable battery provides up to 12 miles of travel* and recharges in up to 3 hours
  • Adjustable handle bar stem accommodates riders of any height
  • Durable tubeless tires won’t go flat
  • Folds up to easily stash anywhere
  • For riders ages 16 and up
  • Max user weight: 220 lbs
  • Citybug2 weight: 27.5 lbs

*Based on a 170lb user traveling on a level surface. Distance and speed may vary depending on weight and riding conditions. 

WARNING: Read the user manual before riding to avoid injuries. Adult supervision required, not designed for use by persons below the age of 16. Make sure the environment is safe for riding. Always wear protective equipment such as helmet, knee pads and elbow pads. Always wear shoes. Never use near motor vehicles. Do not ride at night. Always wear a helmet and drive safely. Some states may have age restrictions, require a permit, license and/or prohibit the operation of this motorized scooter on public roads and sidewalks. Purchaser and rider are responsible for knowing and following all federal, state and local rules and regulations regarding the operation of this motorized scooter. 

Florida Residents: Under Florida state law, motorized scooters cannot be operated on public roads, may not be registered as motor vehicles, and may not be operated on sidewalks unless authorized by local ordinance.

Get on and go! 
Simply press the Start button to get going. The patented Push & Pull handlebar gives you full control of the speed. To accelerate, press the handlebar forward and, once you have reached your desired rate of progress, pull it back slightly to slow down again—the sensor-based high-tech system takes care of the rest! Thanks to the intuitive mode of control, riding on your Citybug2 is an easy and highly pleasurable experience. 

Safety first. 
For Citybug, the issue of safety is of primary importance. All Citybug2 scooters are therefore equipped with two braking systems that work independently of each other. Both can be operated completely intuitively: 
Push & Pull—Simply pull the handlebar to slow your Citybug2 down. The motor brake is triggered by the sensor-based controls to ensure that jerky braking and sudden braking maneuvers you are unable to handle are avoided when you want to slow down. 
The second method of stopping your scooter is STEP2STOP—a robust rear-wheel brake that you can operate with your foot to cut power and immediately bring your Citybug2 to a full halt. 

Green and clean. 
No emissions = good for your environment! The Citybug2 produces no CO2 pollution whatsoever. With green energy from your power supply company and Citybug2’s sophisticated battery technology (which ensures maximum intervals between charging) your actual carbon footprint can become smaller every day! 
No noise pollution = good for your ears! The Citybug2 is a lightweight electric vehicle that moves through the city without generating disturbing noise. Enjoy the feeling of discovering your city on the quiet. 

Fold and go. 
Arrived at your destination? The Citybug2 can be carried effortlessly or parked in a small space practically anywhere! Just pull the lever on the bottom side of the handlebar and fold your Citybug2 until you hear a slight click. Once folded, the Citybug2 is smaller than a folding bicycle, light enough to carry up several flights of stairs, and small enough to take with you on public transportation or even stow under a shopping cart. When you’re ready to get going, simply reverse the process and drive somewhere else! 

Stop and stand. 
It is a well-known fact that it is often the little things that make all the difference. You can park your Citybug2 anywhere you want, without having to look for a wall or fence to lean it against. All you have to do is release the fold lever and pull on the handlebar until the underside of the footboard comes into contact with the ground. Elegantly parked, your Citybug2 then sits there, waiting for your next ride. 

Order your Citybug2 Electric Scooter with Lights—available ONLY at Brookstone—today!

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