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Cold Gel Ice Packs(5 Packs)-Round hot and Cold Pack with Cloth Backing for Kids-Relief Pain for Breastfeeding, Kids Injuries, Headache, Toothache, Eyes. Reusable and Soft.Blue

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Cold application method 

1.Place the pack in the freezer for easy usage 

2.You need to freeze the pack for 2 hours to make it work 

Microwave method 

Because microwave ovens vary in power,you will need to find/determine the correct heating time for your microwave oven carefully.

1.Place the gel pad in the microwave oven and make sure the gel pad is flat and evenly distributed.

2.Heat the gel pads for 10 seconds and test it every 10 seconds until you can feel that temperature is good.

3.write down the perfect heating time for your own microwave oven.

4.Do the same process if you want to use it again.To make it warm,heat the pack directly.

This reusable hot/cold pack is specially designed for convenient application of heat or cold to painful areas of the body.

Great for toothache,Breastfeeding, Eyes, Kids Injuries, Headaches, Sinus Relief.


Use only as directed .Keep out of reach of children 

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