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Crystal fast charger,QI Charging Pad Wireless Charger for mobile phones!

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Function parameter description:
1, the input voltage: DC4.3V ~ 5.5V / 1.5 ~ 2A, beyond this range of voltage alarm and stop charging
2, the output voltage: 5V 0.1V,
3, the charging current: 500mAh-1000mAh
4, the charging power: the maximum can reach 5W
5, conversion efficiency: more than 73%
6, transmission distance: maximum 10mm, recommended send and receive spacing 2mm ~ 4mm
7, standby power consumption: the average power consumption is less than 50mW
8, over-temperature protection: when charging temperature is higher than 60 automatically stop charging 1 minute, wait for the temperature down and then re-charge
9, over-current protection: when charging the output current greater than 1.5A is automatically stop charging, to prevent damage to the charger
10, the implementation of standards: Qi wireless charging standards
11, product certification: CE / FCC, compatible with QI certification standards
12, product specifications: 69 * 10
14. Whether to support foreign body detection: support
15. Indicator function: charging green light, standby light red, fault double flash
Compatibility: SAMSUNG Galaxy S6
Function: Wireless Charger
Color Black,White

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