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Electronic Ultrasonic Riddex Plus Mosquito Rat Rodent Mice Bug Pest Repeller!

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 Electronic Ultrasonic Riddex Plus Mosquito Rat Rodent Mice Bug Pest Repeller

【Instructions】 Open the package, as long as the mouse drive is plugged into the power socket, green light, red light starts flashing, indicating that the device has started normal work;

【Green light】: indicates that the equipment has been working and has been on during the entire work process;

[Red]: indicates that the device is working or closed, 3 minutes work, 3 minutes off, repeat this process;

[Blue Light]: Press the white button on the top of the device to use it as a night light.

1. After the unit is plugged into a wall outlet, you will see the lit red indicator light, and the unit starts normal operation. When you use the unit for the first time, turn on the power and then toggle the switch to the frequency you need to drive the rodents. In just a few days, you may find that the amount of insects and other activities increased during this period, because the ultrasonic waves pushed them out of the hiding places. In a short period of time, they would disappear and disappear. After three to six weeks, the mice and pests are completely relieved and no longer bother you. If the machine is plugged into a wall outlet for a long period of time, the situation can be kept under control. It will cost less in a year, and it will no longer need to purchase dangerous chemicals. It is no longer necessary to clean the squirrel cage.

Third, note:
1, this machine should be installed in the ground from 20 ~ 80CM, requiring vertical plug into the ground power outlet;
2. The installation site should try to avoid sound-absorbing materials such as carpets, curtains, etc. to prevent the reduction of sound pressure and make the sound domain smaller and affect the insect repellent effect;
3. Within the first few days of use, it is a normal phenomenon if mice, pests, and other activities are significantly increased. Because the mice and insects hiding in their lairs were attacked by ultrasonic waves, they fled their original hiding place.
4、This machine is directly inserted into AC 220V power socket
5, Note: moisture, waterproof;
6, do not use strong solvents, water or a wet cloth to clean the body, please use a dry soft cloth dipped in some neutral detergent to clean the body;
7. Do not drop the unit or subject it to strong impact.
8, the use of ambient temperature: 0 ~ 40 degrees Celsius;
9, if placed in a warehouse or a stack of goods, or multi-family buildings, should put a few more units in order to increase the effect.

[Item Weight] 120g
What is included:
1 x Ultrasonic Pest Repellers (US Plug OR EU Plug )

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