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Enerplex Packer Executive Solar Powered Backpack For Travel

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Full Description The Enerplex Pack Executive Solar Powered Backpack is a revolutionary solar integrated backpack, able to keep anyone charged up while they’re on the move, traveling or hiking & camping. Equipped with a flexible and incredibly rugged integrated 3 watt solar panel, the Pack can power up most smartphones in under five hours and can charge almost any portable USB enabled device. Made with solar-on-plastic technology, the solar panel adds minimal weight while remaining flexible enough to allow the bag to be fully packed without risking damage to the panel or bag.
Full Specs

  • The perfect blend of size & power with a 3 watt integrated solar panel
  • Solar-on-plastic technology makes the unit extremely light & flexible
  • The integrated solar panel is water resistant & designed for the harshest conditions
  • Excellent for traveling or hiking
  • 3 Watt Solar Panel

What’s in the box? Enerplex Packer Executive Solar Powered Backpack
*Item Condition: New

  • *Item condition: New

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