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EVO Planner Custom Brain-Type Planner and Intelligent Mobile App

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True success is NOT endless productivity and checking off boxes. It’s a feeling – of focus, flow and freedom. We’re all unique and wired differently, so of course, we shouldn’t all be working the same way.

The EVO Flow System™ is a combination of a daily planner and intelligent mobile app. The system is personalized to YOU and specifically designed around how your Brain Type™ naturally works so you can achieve more flow and thrive.

Are you happier or more effective when you get outside? Does your flow take a dip when you skip your morning meditation? EVO will show you.

Get more results, have more energy and become more aligned with who you really are. Endless productivity isn’t the answer…it’s focus. Flow follows focus. And flow is freedom.

This planner requires you to take a test, or see the chart below to choose. Please click here to take the Evo Planner Quiz to find out which unique brain type fits you:

Brain Type Assessment 2 – Step 1

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