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Fugginvapor: JUUL Starter Kit with 4 Pods!

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 2018’s Hottest Tech Gadget. JUUL has broken barriers in the vaping industry and beyond

It’s safe to say that few vape brands have experienced overnight success like JUUL. Their game-changing pod device has made it easier than ever for vapers to experience intense satisfaction. Between its user-friendly design, incredibly portable size and its ability to provide vapers with the high amount of nicotine that they crave, this vaping kit can truly do it all.

The JUUL Starter Kit with 4 Pods provides you with everything that you need to experience the most satisfying and convenient vape of your life. This portable pod mod device comes with pre-filled pods that contain salt-based e-liquid. This type of vape juice delivers a powerful throat hit and a stimulating buzz that results from the perfect dose of nicotine.

This starter kit is one of the most user-friendly units that’s on the market today. Simply make sure that your battery is charged, snap the pod into place and vape away. The JUUL is draw-activated, eliminating the need for complicated buttons and settings. The battery is built into the device, meaning that you won’t have to deal with annoying maintenance practices. Plus, it charges in less than one hour, meaning that you can get back to vaping in no time.

Everything you need in one great package:

  • 1 x rechargeable JUUL device

  • 1 x Multi JUULpod 4-pack*

  • USB Charger

  • 1 year device warranty


  • The right nicotine strength and vapor quality to provide a powerful and smooth experience

  • Controlled power and temperature allow for a smooth delivery system

  • Liquid-to-wick cartridge system ensures thick, consistent, flavorful vapor

  • Four flavors available


  • Easy to use – no buttons or switches, simply insert JUUL pod into JUUL and draw

  • Indicator light communicates battery life and pull strength

  • Magenetic USB charger

  • Internal temperature regulation


  • Small battery with high discharge rate to accommodate ~200 puffs/charge

  • Juice & cartridge sponge wick system efficiently deliver full and consistent vapor

  • Coil temperature regulation delivers appropriate amounts of power during use 

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