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Hellfire HD Camera Drone

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The Kolibri Hellfire HD Camera Drone features a 15-minute flight time and approximately 500′ travel distance. Using an attached camera, this quadcopter drone captures 720p HD video at 20 fps and still photos in an ultra-wide 120° field of view and stores everything to an up to 32GB microSD card (sold separately).

Hellfire HD can be operated from up to 500′ away using the included remote controller or from up to 150′ away using your iOS or Android phone or tablet. The Fly Kolibri companion app allows you to pull up all the controls on the phone screen and operate the drone while monitoring its point-of-view on the same screen. When you use the controller, you can attach your phone on top and use it as a monitor. Control functions include making the drone roll and flip in the air. Additional batteries are available for purchase so that you can swap batteries after the 15-minute runtime and not have to wait to recharge. The drone is lightweight and measures about 13 x 13 x 5″.

A feature called Altitude Hold will allow you to maintain the same altitude while being able to travel in all directions and capture different scenery along that altitude. You can also map out custom routes using the mobile app and send the copter off on autonomous flights. Other features include one-button take-off and automatic emergency landing. Hellfire can also be used with smartphone VR goggles that allow you to have a first-person-view of everything your drone sees.

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