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InstaFire Inferno Biomass Camping Stove with USB Fan Control

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This rugged survival stove combines nature and science. It will burn anything yet is the only stove on the market with a temperature control to cook meals quickly and efficiently in even the toughest survival situation.

What Makes The Inferno Survival Stove Unique?
It is the only wood burning survival stove that burns anything and has a heat controller. It can reach temperatures of up to 1500° F. Air moves up and down the stove using a vortex affect.

What’s the Secret to its Efficiency? – Oxygen! 
The controller forces oxygen throughout the stove through vents on its side-reinforced panels. The more oxygen, the hotter it gets. Air is fed through the vents (as seen above) which creates a “second combustion” and more heat. This is ideal for conserving energy and fuel for survival. You end up with high, concentrated temperatures, smoke free fire, and efficiently cooked meals.

Science and Technology
Survivalists need a stove that uses technology and nature to live off the land. Remember, the stove burns pine cones, wood, biomass material and even animal droppings. An InstaFire® 3 Pack comes free with the stove.

Features / Benefits

  • Weighs only 2 lbs and 2 oz
  • Adjustable feet and pot holders fold right into the stove and fit into the carrying case
  • Coated in anodized titanium and crafted with high quality stainless steel, the InstaFire Inferno camping cooking stove allows for maximum heat resistance on the outer surface
  • Double wall construction and high-heat vortex effect
  • Easily reaches temperatures of 1500 degrees
  • Uses any fuel source
  • High heat with a super powered USB controlled fan at the bottom of the stove gives ultimate heat control for meals that are not burned or under cooked
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