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Master Lock Gun Lock, Set Your Own Combination Trigger Lock, 94DSPT

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Keep that trigger under lock and combination. Master Lock’s gun lock is easy to install and set. The device features an adjustable ratchet mechanism for positive locking on most handguns, rifles and shotguns. Set and reset your own combination for easy operation. Cushion pads protect gun finishes from marring or scratching.
Because Kids Find Guns

Providing ways to enhance firearm safety is a major concern. Master Lock’s full line of gun locks providess gun owners with an extra measure of security against unauthorized access or tampering by children.

Most gun owners hide their firearms from sight. But no matter how careful they try to be, accidents can still happen. There are numerous instances each year where a gun lock could make a difference.

94DSPT Combination Gun Lock
Every gun owner will be interested in this locking device, which discourages theft and protects valuable guns from tampering. This lock has positive locking with an adjustable ratchet mechanism–the trigger access is blocked until the lock is removed. The lock is easy to attach and lock. It incorporates a pin tumbler locking cylinder and comes with two brass keys. The 1-inch post fits wider trigger guards, and the special cushioned pads protect the gun’s finish from being scratched or marred. And keyed-alike convenience means you only have to have one key for all your guns.

Firearm Safety Tips from Master Lock

  1. All firearms should always be assumed to be loaded and should be handled as such
  2. Keep firearms pointed in a safe direction at all times, even when unloaded
  3. Store firearms unloaded under lock and key
  4. Store ammunition separately under lock and key
  5. Never store firearms in a place accessible to children
  6. Teach children basic principles of firearm safety.

    When encountering a gun:


Laws concerning firearm ownership, storage, and handling vary among states and local jurisdictions. Learn and comply with your state and local laws and those of any jurisdiction in which you plan to transport or use firearms.

Unconditional Full Lifetime Guarantee
Fits many rifles, shotguns, and hand guns.

What’s in the Box
Combination gun lock.


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