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StriVectin SD Anti-Aging – Choose Power Face Serum or Intensive Concentrate for Wrinkles and Stretch Marks

Intensive Concentrate for Wrinkles and Stretch Marks is formulated with Collagex-CE Wrinkle Repair Complex, this hydrating moisturizer harnesses the latest advances in skincare science to target Collagen III, also known as youth collagen, for even more powerful anti-aging results. A series of scientifically-designed studies proves the following effects: Significantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; Targets youth collagen and elastin for healthy, younger looking skin; Hydrates and visibly enhances skin texture; Strengthens the skin barrier to maximize skin performance SD Advanced goes beyond wrinkles to help transform the look of stretch marks, too.

Anti-Aging Power Face Serum For Wrinkles is a super-charged age-fighting serum is clinically proven to help visibly repair the length, width and number of wrinkles, while also diminishing the look of pores, boosting skin’s natural luminosity and optimizing clarity for a youthful look and feel. For the first time, we have combined our multi-patented NIA-114™ skin repair technology, discovered in skin cancer research, with potent elastin-stimulating peptides and detoxifying plant stem cells for radiant, healthy ageless skin. Our patented NIA-114™ molecule helps improve skin structure by building stronger cells, stimulating cell repair, speeding up cell turnover, improving skin texture to minimize the look of pores, and building a stronger skin barrier for improved skin health and an overall healthy glow.


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  • Intensive Concentrate for Wrinkles and Stretch Marks 2 oz bottle
  • Anti-Aging – Choose Power Face Serum 1oz bottle
  • A fraction of the price you would find anywhere else

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