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PaLyfeLite Battery Backup Emergency LED Light Bulbs – 40W or 60W

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The LyfeLite LED Emergency bulb works like a normal light bulb with an amazing bonus feature. It has an innovative battery back up system inside that provides you with emergency lighting when the power goes out. In the event of a power outage, the LyfeLite LED Emergency bulb can stay on for up to 5 hours using its battery back up system, providing you with light in your darkest moments.  This pack of LyfeLite bulbs comes in your choice of soft white or daylight and includes 12 or 16 bulbs and 6 or 8 power bases per order.


  • 4-5 hour emergency lighting so you can still have light during a power outage
  • 40W (5W, 450 lumens) or 60W (9W, 800 lumens) equivalent in soft white or daylight
  • 10,000 hour lifetime will last for years of usage
  • Energy efficient LED bulbs use up to 80% less energy than standard bulbs
  • Shatter proof so you never have to worry about broken glass
  • Non-dimmable design works in all standard light fixtures

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