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Parrot Rolling Spider Helicopter with HD Camera!

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The white Rolling Spider MiniDrone from Parrot can fly, roll along the floor, climb walls, and even traverse the ceiling. It is a 5.5″-diameter mini quadcopter that includes a pair of removable wheels for added fun. No special controller is required – the Rolling Spider is operated by a mobile app and your smartphone. Simply tilt your device to maneuver the MiniDrone. A sophisticated multi-sensor flight computer lets you perform 360s, U-turns, flips, barrel rolls, and more without stalling or loosing stability. The Rolling Spider has a top speed of around 11 mph and a Bluetooth wireless range of about 66’.

Amazing Acrobatics

Parrot Rolling Spider is an ultra-compact drone controlled by smartphone. It flies indoors and outdoors with surprising speed and stability. Acrobatic tricks are available from the free app for MiniDrones FreeFlight 3.

1. Ultra-light, Rolling Spider performs half- and u-turns in one swipe.
2. The Rolling Spider does front and rear loops in one click.
3. With its removable wheels, it runs from floor to ceiling and walls.
4. Equipped with a propeller cutout in case of a collision, it is designed to fly without harming your living room’s chandelier!

Two Ounces (55 Grams) of Amazing Technology

The Rolling Spider is six times lighter than AR.Drone and has the same flight stability, all thanks to an autopilot based on a 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer.

  • Pressure sensor detects flight altitude
  • Ultrasonic sensor for precision flying near the ground
  • Its vertical camera, at 60fps, measures speed by comparing previous images.

Fly and Roll!

This ultra-sophisticated technology, based on sensor data fusion, makes Rolling Spider one of the world’s most stable drones.
It has an exclusive free-fall take-off mode: its engines start when you drop it.
Capture aerial views with the vertical mini-camera.

Capture Aerial Views

Rolling Spider’s vertical camera enables you to take photos. You simply hit the “photo” icon on piloting screen to take snapshots.
The photos are saved in the Rolling Spider’s memory which contains enough space for several hundred photos. Their resolution is 300,000px. You recover your photos in FreeFlight 3 app: you transfer them from the Rolling Spider’s internal memory to your piloting smartphone or tablet gallery.

FreeFlight 3

FreeFlight 3 free app offers an intuitive control from your smartphone or tablet. It connects through Bluetooth Smart to your Rolling Spider.
It is compatible with devices running iOS and Android, and from October 2014 on, under Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. It is also the application of MiniDrone Jumping Sumo.


  • App Free piloting app compatible with smartphones and tablets running on iOS, Android, and from October 2014 under Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1.
  • Remote Control Range Up to 65 feet (20 meters)
  • Connectivity Bluetooth Smart technology, Bluetooth V4.0 BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).
  • Design Plastic structure with specific design for robustness
  • Stability Provided by data fusion of an ultrasonic sensor, a 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer, a vertical camera and a pressure sensor
  • Battery Lithium-Polymer and removable
  • Lasts up 8 min. (6 min. with wheels) and full recharge in 90 min.
  • Indicators Bicolor LEDs indicate the status of your Rolling Spider
  • Weight 2oz / 2.29oz with wheels (55g / 65g with wheels)
  • Dimensions Rolling Spider Diameter: 5.5 in. (140mm)
  • Propellers’ Diameter: 2.16 in. (55mm)
  • Motor Spacing: 3.3 in. (85mm)
  • OS Linux

Kit Contents

  • Rolling Spider
  • Battery
  • Two Wheels
  • Set of Stickers
  • Quick Start Guide

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