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Picasso Tiles 3D Magnetic Building Block Sets

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Picasso Tiles 3D Magnetic Building Block Sets Benefits

  • Builds kids’ sense of creativity
  • Helps kids get better understanding of color, geometrical shapes, and magnetism

How to Play

There are few rules; kids (and grownups too) simply can arrange the tiles as they wish, in any direction they wish, as big as they wish, creating buildings, castles, trains, and more. Blocks stick together magnetically, so they’re easy to work with.

Good to Know

  • For ages 3 and older


  • 2-Piece Truck Set; tiles not included: 9.25”x2.25”x10”; 16.7oz.
  • 2-Piece 3D Color LED Magnetic Building Block Set: 9.5”x1”x4.5”
  • 22 Piece 3D Color Numerical Magnetic Building Block Set: 9”x2”x7.25”
  • 26-Piece 3D Color Block Set with 1 Car: 10.75” x 7.5 x 2.45
  • 27-Piece 3D Color Alphabet Magnetic Building Block Set: 10.5”x 2”x7.5”
  • 28 Piece 3D Color Large Stabilizer Magnetic Building Block Set: 10”x2.5”x 7”
  • 33-Piece 3D Color Block Set: 11” x 7.5 x 2.0
  • 42-Piece Artistry Set: 7.5”x2.5”x10.75”; 2.73lb.
  • 60-Piece Color Block Set: 11.5”x3.25”x14”; 5.03lb.
  • 80-Piece 3D Magnetic Building Block Set with 2 Cars: 13”x6.5”x13”
  • 82-Piece 3D Color Block Set with 2 Cars: 14.25” x 11.75 x 3.25
  • 100-Piece Color Block Set: 11.5”x3.25”x14”; 8.2lb.
  • PicassoTiles Idea Book With 90+ Structure Idea; tiles not included


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