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Poulan Pro Heavy-Duty Surface Floor & Tile Steam Cleaner

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When faced with messes and bacteria, you’ve got to win the staring contest. Stare down dirty surfaces with the Poulan Pro Heavy-Duty Surface Steam Cleaner.

Whether you’re flipping houses, moving in, or just living in one, messes happen. Germs and bacteria may be a part of being human, but so is your peace-of-mind. This steam cleaner puts your mind at peace by defeating filthy surfaces, including upholstery, mattresses, and grout.

Put this appliance to the test as it spot-cleans carpet and disinfects, then sanitizes, upholstery and furniture.

Aside from banishing those unwanted visitors, this steam-cleaner is an eco-friendly option. Say goodbye to inhaling and spreading toxic cleaning chemicals throughout your home.

Banish dust mites, bacteria, and other unwelcome visitors and instead, welcome your new guest: the Poulan Pro Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner.

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