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Pra Donna Aromatherapy Top 7 Therapeutic Grade 100% Pure Essential Oil Set (7 x 10ml Bottles)

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From Monday to Sunday, A New Scent A Day

People like it less when time flows by,

But you will not!

Pra Dõnna Rainbow 7 Essential Oil Set collects the top 7 essential oils which allows a sense of freshness for every day in a week.

On Monday I am happy. 

♥ Sweet Orange pleasant aroma dispels nervousness and stress, lights up a bright, uplifting and invigorating mood for the new week.

Tuesday is full of joy. 

♥ Rosemary strong aroma relieves stress, maintains concentration and boosts brain function, thereby to achieve joy of success.

On Wednesday I’ve a peace within that the devil can’t destroy. 

♥ Eucalyptus scent improves negative moods, energizes the body, balances emotions for mental stability. 

Thursday I am walking in the light. 

♥ Peppermint scent eliminates fatigue, reduces feelings of nervousness and irritability, boosts energy, and enhances mental focus. 

On Friday I have heaven below. 

♥ Tea Tree fragrance allows the brain and body to relax, relieves feelings of fatigue and brain fog so as to stimulate clearer thinking.

Saturday has tons of love and abundance you desire. 

♥ Lemon cheerful aroma elevate mood and revitalize effect to enjoy weekend.  

Sunday’s always bright. 

♥ Lavender essential oil produces the smell as calming, allowing the brain and body to relax. 

Be happy when it rains

Be happy when it shines

Be happy all the time no matter what will come

We may love in a different way

But the same what we say

is love

Just like the same what we choose

is Pra Dõnna Rainbow 7

May Pra Dõnna Rainbow 7 brings you wellness, happiness and abundance!

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