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Qi Certified Wireless Charging Mount Mobile Phone Charger

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Product Description:
Output: 10W (Max)
Input voltage: DC 5V / 9V
Input current: DC 1A-2A
Efficiency: ≥ 75%
Interface: 1 * Micro USB port
Phone size: 4.0~6.5in
Material: Hard Anodized Aluminium
Cable length: 4.0ft
Induction distance: ≤0.31inches
Operating temperature:0℃-60℃

Knooe Tech Wireless Car Charger
Powerful Three Charging Mode
One-handed Operation
Qualcomm 3.0 Quick Charge
Stylish LED Lights
Intelligent Chip
Case-Friendly 8MM
Metallic Cooling System
360° Rotatable
FOD Detect

Important Note:
1. Wireless receiving distance: 0.08in-0.31in.
2. For fast wireless charging, use QC 2.0/3.0 adapter as power source.
3. Take off phone case, metal ring holder, metal attachments and bank cards, for optimal charging.
4. Protective cases exceeds 0.16in in thickness might hinder wireless charging performance.

These are the questions that users may meet for the first time use, and we sum up the answers as below:
Q: It does not charge my phone.
A: 1. Try to wireless charge your phone without phone case.
2. Remove metal attachment and credit cards.
Q: It charges slowly.
A: 1. Quick Charge 3.0 charger adapter is highly recommended.
2. Turn off phone screen while wireless charging.
Q: My phone get overheating
A: Remove the metal plate or credit card from phone back.
Q: It wireless charges intermittently.
A: 1. Be sure your phone case is NOT thicker than0.32inches.
2. Be sure your phone aligns with bottom of the charger.
Q: When use GPS, the battery start dropping.
A: Wireless charge is 2~3 times slower than wire charge. We recommend to turn off phone screen while wireless charging as screen is the biggest power consumer.

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