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Rotary Tool Accessories Kit, Meterk 349pcs Grinding Polishing Drilling Kits, 1/8″ Shank Electric Grinder Universal Fitment for Easy Cutting Grinding Sanding Sharpening Carving Polishing (349pcs)

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Sanding Bands: 12.7mm(1/2″), 6.35mm(1/4″)
Flap Sanding Wheel: 32mm(1-1/4″)
Regular Cut-off Wheels: 30PCS 0.8mm, 36PCS 0.6mm, 42PCS 0.4mm
Fibreglass Cut-off Wheels: 32mm(1-1/4″)
3.17mm(1/8″) Shank Diamond Cutters: D4.0*φ3.17*38mm
3.17mm(1/8″) Shank Diamond Cutters: D2.0*φ3.17*38mm
3.17mm(1/8″) Shank Diamond Cutters: φ4.8*9.5*φ3.17*38mm
3.17mm(1/8″) Shank Diamond Cutters: φ2.4*9.5*φ3.17*38mm
3.17mm(1/8″) Shank Diamond Cutters: φ3.2*φ3.17*38mm
HSS Cylindrical Cutter: φ9.5*φ3.17*38mm
HSS Cone Cutter: φ8*φ3.17*38mm
HSS Spherical Cutter: D3.2*φ3.17*38mm
Felt Wheel(Large): φ25.4mm(1″) * H6
Felt Wheel(Small) Size: φ12.7mm(1/2″ * H9
Cloth Wheel: φ25.4mm(1″) * H3.2mm(1/8″), φ3.2mm(1/8″) 16-Layer Hole
Chrome-plated Collets: 1PC 1.6*4.3*19mm, 1PC 2.4mm*4.3mm*19mm, 2PCS 3.2mm*4.3mm*19mm
Felt Wheel Point: 9.5mm(3/8″) * 19mm(3/4″)
Polished HSS Twist Drills: 2PCS 1.6mm,1PC 2.4mm, 1PC 3.2mm
Mandrel for Cut-off Wheel: 1.6mm
Mandrel for Cloth Wheel: 2.4mm
Mandrel for Felt Wheel: φ3.17mm(1/8″) * 38mm(1-1/2″)
Rubber Emery Wheel: 22.2mm*4mm
Sanding Shank: 12.7mm(1/2″), 6.35mm(1/4″)
Sanding Discs: 180/220/240 # Each 45PCS
Wrench: 9.5mm*57mm*1.5mm
3.17mm(1/8″) Shank Orange Alum. Oxide Grinding Wheels: Cylindrical 15.9mm(5/8″), 9.6mm(3/8″)
1PC Orange Alum. Oxide Grinding Wheels: Bullet Shape 10mm
Pink Alum. Oxide Grinding Wheels: 19*3.2mm
Carbide Dressing Stone: W9.5*H9.5*25.4mm
Green Silicon Carbide Grinding Wheels: 19*3.2mm
3.17mm(1/8″) Shank Deep Green Rubber Grinding Wheels: 6*16mm, φ8.5*13*φ3.17*44mm, 10mm, 8.5mm
3.17mm(1/8″) Shank Green Silicon Carbide Grinding Wheels: Button Shape 1PCS 20mm, 2PCS 9.6mm
3.17mm(1/8″) Shank Stainless Steel Brushes: φ5*φ3.17*43mm, φ12.7*φ3.17*43mm, φ21*φ3.17*43mm
3.17mm(1/8″) Shank Brass Brush: φ5*φ3.17*43mm, φ12.7*φ3.17*43mm, φ21*φ3.17*43mm

Package List:
1 Kit * Rotary Tool Accessories

Features / Benefits

❄【349pcs in total】 Includes polishing wax, drill bit, resin cutting disc, wool felt, felt polishing tip, resin cutting disc connecting rod, grinding needle, etc.
❄【Wide Usage】 Suitable for engraving, grinding, polishing, milling, brushing, metal surface cleaning, derusting, deburring, etc. Equipped with Meterk special chrome-plated collets(1.6mm, 2.4mm and 3.2mm) and cloth wheels that are dedicated to polishing of jewelry, glass, jade.
❄【Convenient】 With a side drawer storage box, easy to carry. All parts are in order and set is complete, well organized accessories to prevent scattering or in a mess.
❄【Helpful in life】 Suitable for most brands of multi-functional rotary tool kit and other most rotary type tools.
❄【Perfect design】 Great for all types of detail work in both hard and delicate materials. Perfect for the micro electronic devices and other industries(fine detail work on jade, ceramic, glass, wood, hardened steel, cast iron, stainless steel).

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