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TENAVOLTS Rechargeable Lithium/Li-ion Batteries, AA Batteries, Micro USB Charger Included, Constant Output at 1.5V, Quick Charge Less Than 2 Hours, 2775 mWh Electrical core Power- 2 Count!

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Tenavolts lithium rechargeable battery is the game-changer of the recharging battery. It brings unparalleled performance other batteries cannot compete. Tenavolts is your ultimate battery choice.

Features / Benefits

2-pack of Tenavolts lithium rechargeable batteries. A micro-USB charger is included.
Tenavolts rechargeable lighium rechargeable battery stands as the pilot role of energy revolution. It redefines the portable AA rechargeable battery. It is the ultimate answer for recharging solution.
1.8 hours recharge: Traditional Ni-MH rechargeable batteries may take over 3 hours to charge batteries, TENAVOLTS will overturn your awareness for 1 hour charging 70% power and only 1.8h to full charge.
Constant 1.5V: Equipped with innovative technology, Tenavolts outputs 1.5 voltage from 100% to 0% electric capacity. It particularly meets the demand of high-power device.
1,000 cycles: Tenavolts can be recharged in 1,000 cycles. In long run, it generates huge savings for customers and help us save the environment by no more producing unnecessary wastes.

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