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This is BRILLIANT – The Better Umbrella!

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Most travel umbrellas just don’t work. They drip all over you, obstruct your vision and fall apart in no time. Fortunately, there’s a Better Umbrella™. With its offset J-handle, you get 30% more coverage + a clear view of where you’re going in one compact, durable package. Rainy days never looked so bright.

Unlike other umbrellas with the handle in the middle and in your line of sight, the offset J-handle on The Better Umbrella gives you complete coverage, without obstructing your view.

Assorted styles chosen at random – all are pictured

Product Features

  • 30% More Coverage
  • Form-Fitting Handle
  • Water-Repellant Storage Case
  • Secure Wrist Strap
  • Open Size: Diameter=39″/ Height=23″ /Weight=13 oz
  • Closed Size: Diameter=2.25″/Height=12″
  • Material: Fabric=100% Polyester/ Handle=100% ABS Plastic / Frame=2% Steel, 21% Aluminum, 12% Fiber Glass, 8% Polyamide Plastic, 7% Polyresin 

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