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Ultraloq U-Bolt Smart Deadbolt

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Ultraloq’s U-Bolt is a secure and affordable smart deadbolt that offers keyless entry via your Bluetooth enabled smartphone and code.  You can share temporary codes and eKeys to your friends and guests for scheduled access. 

Optional Wi-Fi Bridge: The bridge upgrade allows you to control the access to your door while you’re away from your home, and to monitor all activity remotely.  It also sends you smartphone notifications for unlocking & locking, unauthorized attempts / low battery / door jam alerts. It also enables smart home integration with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT.

  • No more hiding or lost keys – your smartphone is your key. Lock or unlock with U-tec app for both iPhone and Android.
  • Auto Unlock – No need to fumble with your keys. Ultraloq U-Bolt unlocks the door for you when you arrive at your door with your smartphone in your pocket.
  • Magic Shake – Just shake your phone to unlock your door. No need to open U-tec app or wakeup your smartphone’s screen.
  • Auto Lock – Ultraloq U-Bolt can relock automatically to for added security and convenience.
  • Anti-Peep Keypad – You can type in any number of random digits, and can still gain access as long as the 1 correct password is embedded in the longer set of numbers.
  • Share the access to your home – Grant access to your family, guests or service people via a code or an eKey for permanent access, specific dates or periods of time. No monthly fees.
  • Just ask Amazon Echo or Google Home to control your Ultraloq. You can also integrate seamlessly with popular smart home devices using IFTTT functions.
  • Up to 8,000 times access – thanks to Bluetooth 4.0’s ultra low power consumption technology, Ultraloq U-Bolt can be powered by four AA batteries with more than one year of battery life through regular use. Low battery notification via smartphone app.
  • DIY Installation – Ultraloq U-Bolt is designed to fit any US standard door. The simple installation takes minutes and only four screws. No wiring and no drilling.

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