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URGE Basics 6-Axis 2.4G QuadCam Drone Helicopter RC With Built-in Camera – $67 + Free Shipping W/ Promo Code “2OFF1SALE”!

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Take flight with the Urge Basics 6 Axis QuadCam. This drone is perfect beginners or more advanced drone enthusiasts. This multifunction quad copter performs 360-degree flips, flies forwards, backwards and ascends or descends with ease. The intuitive controls allow you to fly this drone with precision. The 6 Axis gyroscope system ensures that the Urge Basics QuadCam is more stable and flexible when flying. This lets you perform combination maneuvers and other exciting tricks such as banked turns or 360 degree flips. The QuadCam comes with four protective blade guards that will help protect it if it crashes.

This versatile drone can record video and take photos on the fly using its built-in camera. Take stunning aerial photos and record video with a simple push of a button. The Urge Basics 6 Axis QuadCam records all the images and video on a Micro SD card so you can easily transfer it to your PC to share or edit.

Features / Benefits

SKU:  4766 Condition:  Brand New Packaging:  Retail Features: 
  • Multi-Directional Controls
  • Easy to use 2.4GHz remote
  • Flight Distance of 300ft
  • 6 Axis Gyro ensures precision and stability in flight
  • Protective Guard Rails safeguard the blades of the drone in the event of a crash
  • Rechargeable high performance lithium ion battery
  • Built in LEDs illuminate the QuadCam
  • Built-in Camera records video or takes pictures
  • Perform tricks; take video or snap photos with a simple push of a button

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