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Wool Dryer Balls,Greentest 7 Pack Resusable Organic XL Dryer Balls Natural Fabric Softener(6 White and 1 Black) (White)!

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Worry about high expenditure on liquid softener and chemical pollution? Wool dryer balls is the perfect choice for you.
Perfect for sensitive skin
Made of 100% organic wool,they effectively soften the laundry and provide tender care for your family.

No more static cling and wrinkle
They soften your fabric and protect your clothes by by reducing wrinkles, twisting, tangling and static cling.

Great for the environment
Chemical free and organically made,they would not put a risk to water supply as liquid softener will do.

Cut down bills
The wool dryer balls can be reused and there would be no repeated cost on liquid softener and dryer sheets.The usage of them can also cut down electricity bills as they effectively cut down drying time.

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