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WX254L.6 WORX SD- Semiautomatic ScrewDriver (12) Driving Bits & Flex Extension

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Tackle Your Projects Fully Loaded! — The WORX SD SemiAutomatic Driver is the most convenient cordless screwdriver ever. There’s always a pesky loose screw somewhere around the house, and your screwdriver never seems to fit – until now. The WORX SD stores all the bits you need directly in the tool, so the bits never get lost and there’s no more wasted time fumbling around for the right bit. Plus, the 4V MaxLithium battery stays charged for up to 18 months, so your WORX SD is always ready!

Click. Click. Done. — Simply move the slide back and then forward to advance the next bit to find the bit you need in an instant! The Rapid Reloadable cartridge rotates until the bit you need is visible. It’s fast and fun! The WORX SD also lets you switch between forward and reverse with the push of a button. You’ll actually look forward to the next project! 

Works with Standard Bits — Any standard ¼” hex bit may be inserted into the Rapid Reloadable cartridges of your WORX SD. Bit changes have never been easier! The WORX SD features 2 cartridges preloaded with the most popular Phillips, slotted, Torx, hex and square recess bits. There is even a special screw-starting bit if you need to drill a pilot hole before driving a screw. If you’re dealing with some really special screws, don’t worry. 

Innovative Lithium-Ion & LED technology — The powerful 4V MaxLithium battery holds its charge much longer than standard batteries. Even after 18 months of storage, your WORX SD stays ready to go. Additionally, a powerful, front-mounted LED light ensures that your workspace is always illuminated.

Key Features 

  •   Rapid Re-loadable Cartridge allows you to store 6 bits in the tool, eliminating lost bits and time spent looking for them
  •   Advance the correct bit with a simple slide-action – no more fumbling around with small bits
  •   Front-mounted LED light means no more working in the dark
  •   Powerful 4V MaxLithium battery holds a charge for up to 18 months
  •   Side-mounted switch allows you to operate in reverse, and the rubber handle provides a comfortable grip

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