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XREXS Dental Prepared Teeth Cleaning Tools Hygiene Kit Remove tartar 4 Piece Mouth Mirror,Tooth Pick,Tarter Scraper and Dental Scaling Personal Use& Dentist

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  • EXTENSIVE USE—Many times you would see some plaque and tarter build up on your teeth which makes it difficult for you to remove even with toothbrush, dental floss or dental tape or when you try to floss between your braces. Are you ready to experience fresh clean teeth by doing what you can at home? If so, our dentist tools are for you!
  • MOUTH MIRROR— You can see the place directly which can’t be seen clearly by the mirror; the tip of the mouth mirror can also be used for diagnose;
  • DENTAL TOOTH PICK— Used to check the range of pressure defect, the depth, the hardness of the teeth; Check your dental tissue, find sensitive spots and perforation; It can also be used in place of toothpicks; It’s portable to make your oral cavity clean and healthy;
  • TARTAR SCRAPER— Scrape out the upper and lower gum, use the entire blade to remove the pigment and dental plaque from the smooth surface;the Best Solution for Easy Teeth Care;
  • DENTAL SCALING— Many times it’s difficult for you to remove some plaque and tarter even with toothbrush, dental floss; it can be put in your periodontal pocket and scrape out the potential hidden lower gum;

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