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Xultrashine Handheld Shower Head 300 Hole High Pressure with Brass Shut-Off Valve for Bathroom Shower Spa

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  • ►【300 SPA Holes Pressurized Panel】: High Pressure Boosting. The water flowing out from the 300 tiny holes gently touch your skin, gives a comfortable feeling like enjoy SPA, especially suit for babies. Powerful resolve hard water problem. Excellent performance at any water pressure in all kinds of old-fashioned residential. Not subject to water pressure.
  • ►【30% Water-saving】: Suppose a four-person family has a monthly bath water consumption of 10 tons/2641gallon. We truely believe that we can achieve 30% water-saving per month by this LUV-limiting turbocharger technology, it means 3 tons/792 gallon water-saving per month and 36 tons/9510 gallon of water a year.Moreover, it is equipped with a perfect Brass Shut-Off Valve.This is environmentalism.
  • ►【Resist High Temperature】: With the air-pressurized design, we can not only ensure a constant water pressure but also ensure a constant water temperature. It will never get cold again without washing your hair. Feel what’s luxurious ultimate bathroom shower experience
  • ►【Water Leakage Prevention】: We spent too much money on useless things.Missing parts?Head is very small? It starts spraying in different directions after a couple uses? It leaks like crazy November Rain? Junk will not screw on tightly? What should I say? We All-in-one-shaped, seamless body makes no leakage and very stable. It proofed that good think does not need to be expensive.
  • ►【Customized Switch Brass Shut-Off Valve】: Absolutely practical Shower Head Shut-Off Valve G 1/2 by carefully selected, we have achieved maximum noise reduction and water flow sound only, in order to provide you a quiet bathing space with ultra shine handheld shower head by 7 layers chrome plating with best Xultrashine LIFETIME WARRANTY

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